What is it about 49…

What is it about the age 49 that makes us reflect and rethink what we have achieved to that point? Is it life’s big locker room talk at half time. Whether your winning or losing at that point in the game you have to regroup and come up with the game plan for the second half. Having a great coach and play book before you run back out to finish the game would make things easier, but there is no real adventure in a scripted life, the same game plan and goals as everyone else.

Is it a time to look back along the road you have been walking on for 49 years and make adjustments to your path, setting the tone for the next adventure? I think so. Although it may be to late to do some of the things on your ‘bucket list’, most can still be achieved if you set your mind to it. I have a rather large ‘bucket list’, but to date I have already dipped in, drawn out and started doing.

You would be amazed, as I am, at how many goals can be checked-off by just putting the wheels of life in motion. In the past six months I have put myself in the best shape I have been in years, learned to snowshoe and start enjoying this wonderful part of the world we live in again. Became a Trip Organizer, Leader and Co-chairman for an outdoor society, sharing my enthusiasm for the outdoors with others and taking groups hiking to some of my favorite places. By giving back you are helping people achieve their goals and in return there will be others to assist you in yours.

As we approach that magic number 50, promise yourself to play the last minutes of the first half to the fullest. We can’t change the way the game has gone up till now. If you’re honest with yourself and realistic about your ambitions at the half-time, have the courage to put a few of the items from your ‘bucket list’ out there. So long as your goals are not hurting anybody in the process you don’t have to explain yourself or justify your ‘bucket list’ to anybody.

Time to get back into the game and prepare for half-time.

Ken McCurdy, Talylor Lake, 2010


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